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In modern engineering a large role is given to metal cutting, among them are: grinding, drilling, turning, milling. Any of these processes is very important, but we will talk about turning metal. These are the most frequently used operations, the equipment for which is presented in a fairly wide range at our enterprise.

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Metal turning is one of the main types of metal cutting. It is performed on special lathes with the help of various devices and tools. Processing is carried out by means of drills, cutters, taps and dies.

The process itself is that with the help of tools with a rotating workpiece is removed a layer of metal. In metal turning, there are two movements: the rotation of the workpiece (the main movement) and the movement of the caliper along the axis of the workpiece (feed movement).

Perform machining of metals, cutting of external and internal surfaces of rotation, including a cylindrical and conical, stippling, cutting, chamfering, slotting, cutting internal and external threads.

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Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana city, Sanoat street 223