Production of packaging and plastic products, metal processing of complex parts, as well as a mold press for thermoplastic and blow molding machines.
Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana city, Sanoat street 223


Mold - a device that is used for the manufacture of products of various designs of various materials, such as plastics, rubber, metals or other materials under the influence of high temperature and pressure created in specialized devices. There are many varieties of manufactured molds, according to the method of removal: stationary, removable and semi-removable; automation: manual, automatic and semi-automatic; on the planes of the connector: with one or several (vertical and horizontal).
In the process of working on machines with numerical program control, the main stage of the manufacture of molds proceeds. There are also several processing steps, namely:
Stages of mechanical and heat treatment:
1. Annealing;
2. Roughing;
3. Normalization;
4. Half-finish processing;
5. quenching;
6. Final processing;
7. Chrome plating.


Production of molds of necessary quality is a priority task in this part of production of the company and the processes proceeding in it. Terms of finishing the mold are inversely proportional to their quality. The more carefully and detailed the work on the production of the part was done, the less time will need to be spent on debugging.
After the production of the mold, it is tested, and it is very important to understand that the equipment for these purposes must meet the same requirements and standards as the one on which the necessary polymer products will be produced in the future.
At the moment, the production without the use of plastic any parts is considered impossible when it comes to mass production. The constant development of the market of plastic products and polymers in this twenty years has led to a sharp increase in the range of plastics with a wide variety of qualities and properties. This was the impetus for the fact that this sphere of production has become a leading mass production. That is why the production and manufacture of molds is currently relevant and our company has established and worked out to the last detail.
The technological process of the production of molds is very demanding to the specialist, he needs knowledge of many processes as theoretical – hydraulics, thermodynamics, theory of work with CNC machines, and practical, including those occurring in the mold itself, as the material is fed into the mold itself under high temperature and exposed to various processes.
On established production and manufacturing of molds used high-tech and modern equipment, running specialized documentation, apply the latest standards and rules for drafting and requirements and made the molds that the end result provides high-quality product that meets all the requirements that distinguishes our company.
Our company not only makes molds, but also makes their repair and service. Also, experienced specialists and design Bureau of the company will always advise you and provide expert assistance at all stages of development and design, assisting in the documentation of the manufactured parts.

Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana city, Sanoat street 223