Production of packaging and plastic products, metal processing of complex parts, as well as a mold press for thermoplastic and blow molding machines.
Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana city, Sanoat street 223
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Printing Technology

IML – (In-Mould Labelling), one of the newest innovations in packaging sector, meets high print quality in plastic containers with lowering packaging costs. In the In-Mould Labelling system; label is placed into mould before producing a plastic container, the container and the label are integrated during injection stage, so that the IML printed plastic packaging is not affected by the causes of water, sun etc. and offers long-term vivid visuals on shelves.

According to a study focusing on the impact of packaging in purchasing decision process, the duration of a consumer’s encountering a product doesn’t pass 3 seconds, so that it is very important for the product’s being appealing to the eye, in addition to study’s emphasis on product’s packaging layer being desirable for touching with greeting consumers being inspired by product design.

Republic of Uzbekistan, Fergana city, Sanoat street 223